And Here We Go Again

As I write this, there has been a report of another “mass shooting”, this time in San Bernadino, California.  Here are my thoughts.

  1. Why aren’t we calling these incidents terrorism?  If they were, perhaps they’d get more attention and drive a solution.  Yes, terrorism has a political motivation.  But the shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs has all the signs of being politically motivated, and most of the media is still hesitating to call it what it is.
  2. We have a real problem in this country.  What is it that drives human beings to hate enough to kill?  Mental illness certainly could be a factor, but there are disturbed people all over the globe and other countries don’t seem to have the problem we do.  Is it poor parenting, or *gasp*, the lack of gun controls?  Before you jump all over me, please note that I’m not stating that gun control is the answer – I’m simply asking the question because I don’t know the answer.
  3. Any time I ask the question about gun control, I start a firestorm of people insisting that the government wants to take their guns away, or violate their rights to bear arms.  If you ask me, that kind of response is childish; the equivelent of throwing a tantrum in a crowded supermarket.  Falling back on the same old rhetoric just because you saw it on Facebook doesn’t do much except raise your blood pressure.  How about suggesting a solution?  We all know what you think won’t solve the problem.  What will?
  4. I’ve noticed that the same people who claim that the issue is related to the lack of treatment of mental illness are the same people who don’t want their tax dollars to pay for it.

Rant over.  Tomorrow, back to cats.