The Cat’s Meow

Interesting fact – adult cats don’t meow to other cats.  They only meow to humans!  Tiny kittens, with their “mew”, signal to their mother that they want food, but once they leave Mom, they normally won’t ever meow again unless a human enters their life.  Instead, cats communicate with each other through scent, touch, and noises other than a meow.

So why do they use it with us?  Simple answer, because it works!  How many cat owners out there will drop everything if they hear their cat meow?  We instinctively know that they’re calling for us, and we respond by petting, picking them up, feeding them, or with kitty kisses.  We humans are well-trained!  I also think that because a cat learns to communicate with us, it makes them a lot smarter than we think they are.  Remember, cats rule, dogs drool.

The shelter I volunteer at, The Marshmallow Foundation in Detroit Lakes is having an open house this Saturday, December 5th.  Patriot Assistance Dogs (PAD) is co-hosting the event, so even if cats aren’t your thing, come by with your pet for pictures with Santa from 10 am until 3 pm.  We’ll also have calendars available for sale.  The calendars themselves, although cute, aren’t the cool thing.  $30 will buy a raffle ticket with chances to win prizes throughout 2016.  Prizes are valued between $50 and more than $500, and if your name is drawn for a prize, your name goes back in for another chance!  Prize examples include:

January 1, 2016: Astrostart 721 ($500 value) donated by Webber Family Motors

February 5, 2016: $500 cash, donated by Foltz Trucking

March 22, 2016: $50 Zorbaz gift certificate

May 6, 2016: 2 reserved lawn chair admissions to WE Fest

December 2, 2016: $500 gift certificate to I’ll Tile and Stone

Some important rules:

  • You must be over 18 years old to purchase a calendar or win a prize
  • Checks or cash only
  • Winners will be notified on the date the prize is awarded, when you’ll receive instructions on how to claim your prize

So come see me and the crew this Saturday.  If you’re interested in adopting a cat or dog, fill out the adoption application on the website and submit for approval first.  We take making sure our animals go to a good home seriously, so it takes a few days to get approved.  In the meantime, come on in during normal business hours and meet the animals.   You may think that you want a specific dog or cat based on their photo and bio, but then find that there just isn’t that spark of connection between you.  No worries; once you’ve been approved you can adopt an animal that you truly bond with.  Tell ’em The Crazy Cat Lady sent you.