Nelly And The Six Year Old

Today while volunteering at The Marshmallow Foundation, an animal shelter in Detroit Lakes, I got a phone call from a mother.

“I know our application is still being processed, but we’d still like to come see the cats today if we can.  You see, my six year old son lost his cat about a month ago, and said that he wants a cat or kitten.  Specifically, he wants a black cat or kitten because he knows that they are harder to adopt.”

So I sent a note to the adoption coordinator asking if the application could be expedited, since this family was driving all the way from Mayville.  Sure enough, she dropped everything to approve the application, so when the family came in, I happily told them that they could go home with a cat today if they found one that they bonded with.

Two little boys and their older sister came in to the cat room with their parents, and immediately became overwhelmed (in a good way) with the number of cats there.  It was in the middle of kennel cleaning, so several were already running around being cats, so the boys were instantly mesmerized.  I had a cat in mind that I thought would be a good fit, and introduced them to Nelly.  But like, well, kids in a candy store, they wanted to make sure they looked at all of the cats before deciding.  So Burbs was in the running for awhile, as were Peanut and Stud.  Eventually though, they came back to Nelly, and as of today, Nelly has found her furever home.  In the arms of a six year old with the wisdom of the ancients.