Getting Your Facts From Facebook Memes

I think I finally get it.  The otherwise lovely, sane, reasonable people who rabidly follow Trump get their facts straight from Facebook.  It’s really the only explanation.  I see the memes – the ones that claim that President Obama is a Muslim, was born in Kenya, compared to a monkey.  Or the “news” stories on sites that claim to be reporting real news, but instead are slanted one way or the other.

When I posted something from once (a legimate, non-biased site), my FB friend sent me an article claiming something different.  Rather than just accepting it, I checked it out.  Turns out the site was a DATING SITE!

So this is where you’re getting your news from?  I get it; if you have certain beliefs, you’re not going to alter those beliefs.  I’m not going to try and change your mind, even when I disagree with you.  But for Pete’s sake, do some research on the candidates, one of which will be the leader of the free world.

Trump finally admitted today that Obama was born in the USA.  No apology for dragging the entire nation through the mud with him for the last 5 years; instead he tried to take credit for finishing what Hillary Clinton started.  If he says that often enough, people believe it.  The fact is that Clinton never said such a thing.  Ever.

So go ahead and believe in conservative principles.  But don’t try and explain away the fact that you support this clown.