Trap Neuter Release (TNR)

If you watch My Cat From Hell, you’ve probably seen Jackson Galaxy rave about the local programs that will trap feral cats, neuter them, and then release them.  It’s a great idea, and more communities should participate to help control the feral cat population.

Because if a cat is truly feral, it has little chance of ever becoming someone’s pet.  Let me say that again – these cats cannot be socialized and adopted out to loving families.  Instead, they end up in a shelter like The Marshmallow Foundation, and after giving it our best try, are euthanized.  Before you express your shock and horror that we are not a “no-kill” shelter, but instead a “low-kill” shelter, let me give you some facts.

There is no sponsored TNR program in the Detroit Lakes area.  There are no Veterinary practices willing to donate their time, and no organization that has set up the funds to make a TNR program viable.  And yet, citizens, thinking that they are acting in the best interest of the cat, will trap them and bring them to us with a self-satisfied look on their face that says, “I did my part”.  Well sorry buddy, but all you did was make it our problem now.

So if you spot a feral cat in your neighborhood, what should you do?  Well, that depends.  Can you afford to have that animal neutered and brought up to date on their shots?  Yes?  Whoo hoo!  Then do it – trap them, neuter them, and release them, and bang, you’ve got your own TNR program.  If you can’t afford to do it yourself, please don’t think that your local shelter can either; we’re busting at the seams already with cats we can’t find homes for.

If you want middle ground, set up a recurring monthly donation to the shelter of your choice.  It doesn’t have to be much, but it sure will help.