Pippi’s Miracle

Pippi is a cat that was brought to The Marshmallow Foundation in late August in really bad shape.  She was painfully skinny, and the shelter suspected that she had been hit by a car.  Knowing that the shelter doesn’t have the funds for expensive emergency treatment, we reached out to Cat’s Cradle, a rescue and shelter in Fargo.  They immediately got her to the emergency vet, who confirmed that indeed, Pippi had likely been hit by a car.  Her hip and leg was severely broken, and it was doubtful that the hip fracture could be fixed.

As with all street cats brought in, Pippi was checked to make sure she was pregnant.  The Vet said that she wasn’t, which was a good thing, since she’d never be able to deliver with her injuries.

So Pippi was brought in for surgery, and her leg was repaired.  Her hip was already healing, so it was decided to leave it as it was.  Pippi was sent to a foster home to recuperate, and passed her two week post-op check with flying colors.

And then, a month after her accident, she was brought back to the emergency Vet, who discovered a full term, live kitten inside her.  How that kitten survived the trauma of the accident, surgery, and X-Rays is a wonder.  An emergency C-section was done, after which the kitten had to be resuscitated.  But the kitten made it!

That’s a miracle in itself, but it doesn’t end there.  A few days after Pippi gave birth, two orphaned kittens the same age as Pippi’s kitten were brought in.  Pippi has now become the adopted mother of two more kittens, and the entire family is doing well.

Money was raised for the orthopedic surgery, but the emergency C-section cost Cat’s Cradle another $2000.  If you’d like to help with Pippi’s care, donations can be made here.