The Christmas Controversy

You’ve all seen them – the posts on Facebook that proclaim the right to say Merry Christmas.  The same posts that say that we’re not allowed to say Merry Christmas anymore, but have to instead say Happy Holidays.  The outrage!

Oh please.  There is no one stopping you from saying Merry Christmas if you want, and no one that will judge you for doing so.  Get over yourself!

If you want to put Christ back in Christmas, great!  Do it!  Instead of celebrating what began as a pagan holiday anyway to celebrate the winter solstice, give to your church.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on gifts for your kids, buy blankets and coats and distribute them to the homeless living on the streets.  Instead of spending hours in the kitchen cooking that turkey, spend the day volunteering at a woman’s crisis shelter.

THAT’s what Christ would do, not proclaim in angry memes that he’s not allowed to say Merry Christmas in this politically correct world.  And by the way, Christ was Jewish.  So Happy Hannukah.