Trump – Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us?

It’s no secret I’m not a Trump supporter.  Even if I was a conservative (I’m not), I would abhor his character.  As a frequent world traveler for work, I hear what other countries say about us; how we’ve become a laughing stock at best, and isolationists on the brink of nuclear war at worst.

But today, as I watched the hundreds upon thousands of people worldwide march in solidarity, peacefully, with love and grace, I felt hope.  Not because they were marching, but because they were awake and paying attention.  If this movement continues, perhaps people will start to believe that they too can make a difference.

This change isn’t easy.  It isn’t comfortable.  Friends you’ve known for years unfriend you because of your views.  Things get heated; fake news is treated as gospel if it fits your idea of how things are.

Today, while millions marched, Trump visited the CIA.  In front of a wall with stars signifying men and women who died in service of our country, Trump first praised Fox News.  Then he said how much he liked the Intelligence community, claiming that he was never against them, and nobody loved them more than Donald J. Trump.  The rest of his speech he spent talking about the dishonest media, and how reports of the low attendance at his inauguration were untrue.  And how many times he’s been on the cover of Time.

This was day one.  Meanwhile, North Korea is planning to test us.  Meanwhile, ISIS is watching.  But let’s focus instead on the HUGE crowds The Donald saw – had to have been 1.5 million cheering him on.

And Trump tweeted while Washington burned.