Dear New Employee Trump

Dear new employee,

Your 322,762,018 bosses welcome you and wish you well on your challenging new job.  Let me introduce you to those who you work for.

Half of us are women.  Please remember that more than 3 times the number of people that showed up to celebrate your first day came out to tell you that women matter.  Those same people told you that people with disabilities matter.  LGBTQ people.  People of color.  People that belong to the same church as you and people that don’t.  People that believe in a higher power, and people that don’t.

And you also work for people that didn’t show up to march in the streets.  The people who just want a job.  The people that want unborn lives to be protected.  Some people that want to get richer, even if it means destroying the earth for their grandchildren.  You work for them too.

Please make wise decisions that will help all of people you work for, not just some that think like you, look like you, or are as rich as you.  Please remember that your words matter.  Evil dictators are listening and just might pick a fight with all of us because of what you say.

And more than anything, please remember the rules.  You have the freedom to speak your mind, but remember, we do too, and you work for us.  The press will be watching you – they have the right to report on what you say and do, honestly and fairly.  ALL the press – not just the media outlets that agree with you.  We, your bosses, have the right to performance reviews, and if some of us don’t like what you’re doing, we have the right to tell you.  That might take the form of removing some of your buddies and replacing them with new employees.  We also have the right to take to the streets if we disagree with you.

This is a temporary position, and we will be watching.