Justice For Millie

Millie is a 14 week old Bluetick Coonhound puppy that was slammed to the floor multiple times into her own feces simply because she went potty inside the house.  Her back leg was broken so badly local vets couldn’t fix it.  After being stabilized, she was transported by Marshmallow Foundation volunteers to the University of Minnesota, where she underwent surgery to repair the break.  More volunteers went to transport her back to Detroit Lakes, where she is now resting comfortably in a foster home.

This incident was witnessed, and the police were called.  The alleged perpetrator was arrested, made bond, and has a hearing scheduled for early next week.

Good news, right?  Maybe.  Animal abuse cases are rarely prosecuted, simply because there are often no witnesses, or the witnesses are intimidated by the perpetrator so they don’t report it.  And if they are prosecuted, the offenders are given a warning or small fine.  Some states only treat it as a felony if it’s the first animal abuse offense.

And here’s a statistic that should concern everyone: Intentional cruelty to animals is strongly correlated with other crimes, including violence against people.  

Help us help Millie and ensure that justice is served.

  1. Donate to Millie’s care here.
  2. Call the prosecutor in this case and tell her that animal abuse should not be tolerated in our community.  Her name is Jennifer R.J. Knutson, Assistant Becker County Attorney, at 218-847-6590
  3. Contact your local officials and your state legislators and demand that animal cruelty be treated as the serious crime it is.
  4. Volunteer for your local animal shelter.  If your heart can’t take the daily contact with the animals, volunteer to transport to vet appointments or to other rescues.  Millie wouldn’t have gotten to Minneapolis without caring people who were willing to go the extra mile (pun intended).

It starts with one person.  And together, we can change the world, or at least change our community.  For Millie.