Why Your Cat Scratches Everything In Sight

No, she’s not preparing to eat you. And no, I don’t think you should declaw your cat. Source: Why Your Cat Scratches Everything In Sight

Bonnets And Bowties

Saturday, May 7th, is the 142nd “greatest two minutes in sports”, also known as the Kentucky Derby.  Women wear their finest hats (the bigger the better), and men dress in their finest spring attire.  Mint Juleps are the drink of the day, and everyone cheers for their favorite horse to win. The Speak Easy in…
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So You Think You’re Not A Socialist

Socialism is a term that has come up more in the past few months because we have a self-proclaimed democratic socialist running for president.  You say you don’t believe in socialism?  Okay then. Your kids can no longer go to a public school.  We taxpayers pay for that privilege even when we don’t have kids…
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Saying Goodbye

Meep died yesterday.  I get a little sappy and say that she crossed the rainbow bridge, because I love the prose of the same name.   And, just like I have for every other cat that has passed on before her, I tell her story so I don’t forget. Meep was found wandering the streets…
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Does My Cat Like Me?

Dogs are so easy to read; their enthusiasm for everyone and everything is interpreted as love.  But what about cats?  Their reputation for being aloof, solitary creatures makes it hard to believe that they could love anyone. But cats show that they like us in different ways. Trust.  A cat’s belly is their most vulnerable…
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