What Happens When Your Dog Or Cat Runs Away?

For most of us, it’s a nightmare come true.  Fido or Fluffy somehow escaped the yard/house and won’t come when called.  We might put posters up, offer rewards, or simply hope that someone will find our pet and return them home safely. But we didn’t microchip our pet, because, you know, the chances of it…
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Presidential Candidates On Animal Welfare 

If you are an animal lover and still undecided on what presidential candidate you favor, this article might help you make up your mind.Facts about the presidential candidates’ voting records and positions on animal rights and welfare. Source: Presidential Candidates on Animal Welfare – Rescue Revolution

Is It Possible To Have Too Many Hobbies?

Over the years I have had many hobbies.  In my younger years there was macrame and embroidery.  A neighbor taught me how to crochet, a skill I still use today. As I moved into my middle years, family became more and more important, and so a passion for genealogy was born. Last year I took a…
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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I don’t think we can deny the truth any longer.  The likely GOP nominee will be a billionaire businessman who is best known for his disgusting quotes about women, Mexicans, and prisoners of war.  This is the same party that produced Abraham Lincoln. I keep hearing that people are angry, and “voting with their middle finger”.…
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Living In The Moment

In a previous post, I talked about how having pets was somewhat like having small children.  And when one of those kids is chronically ill, life can be stressful. My days with Meep revolve around her breathing and her eating.  At 8 months old, she should be 7 or 8 pounds, but instead is 3 1/2 pounds…
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